Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Random Thoughts

So the first week of school is about done and things seem to be heading in the right direction. There has been plenty of activities for students to be a part of, and more to come, and even a little bit of rain. Sort of forgot what that was like.
As the summer weather begins to taper off and the cool of fall begins to set in, things in Huntsville should start picking up. I know that I am excited about our Back2School Party Wednesday night. Then time to see the Bearkats hit the field against Western Illinois. This game is going to be on TV, so seeing you all there will make for a great environment. For those of you who want to see your face on TV, come out and have a good time. ITZ will have a place at the tailgating area with some give-aways.
Hopefully everyone is enjoying the start of the new semester and ready to enjoy what awaits this semester.

Til later…

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

So, it is Tuesday afternoon and there are many things going on in the ITZ office today. While the September issue is on the mind, we are beginning to put together a list of ideas for our 5th Anniversary party. We want to do this huge. We have plenty of ideas, and now we just have to get them written down and begin knocking each one off one by one.
As I ponder how I want to approach the September issue, ideas run through my head about how I can incorporate some new things. We did get a shot in the arm over the weekend as we are looking at getting some students to help provide more local content into the magazine. Something that was music to my ears. Over the past 3+ years of the magazine, having writers has probably been the most difficult thing to keep constant. Hopefully with our new relationship, that will change.
One thing I am glad that will be changing is going to be the On The Scene page. In the next two weeks, I know of five different events that we will be at. There is the 14th Annual Murski's All Girls Bash, The SHSU Rec Sports Block Party on Saturday followed by their Pool Party the next night. There is a back to school bash at The Jolly Fox and Jonathan Cooper the next night. September and October should have a ton of pictures in it, as well as the website,
Don't hesitate to let me know about your events. I am looking into getting another photographer to help share the load, which will make us that much more accessible to handle multiple parties.
Hopefully everyone is getting ready for the first day of school and everything happening.
ITZ has also been working on picking up our give-a-ways for our Back2School Party in about 2 weeks, followed by the first home football game the next day. Tailgating will be happening and it is going to be a fun Fall Semester.
Hope your day is going good and talk to you later.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am DJ Shafer, editor of ITZ Magazine. We are a monthly entertainment magazine with Sam Houston State and young professionals as our primary readership (18-35). While this is our main readership, we branch out to many people. We recently launched out website and it is growing all the time. It is constantly going through revisions to include great things for our readers and followers.
As the magazine continues to grow, we are looking into many different ways to bring you ITZ Magazine. This blog is just one way we intend on bringing you ideas from different sides. Many people are afraid to say things and speak their mind, but here, we will be open and frank.
I hope you enjoy reading the blogs as much as I will writing them…

Now, school is just a week away. Actually, school pretty much starts this week with move-in. There are a handful of events in place for students to enjoy themselves and meet some really cool people. College is a time to enjoy themselves while receiving an education. Some great people you come across may some day become a best friend. Students at Sam Houston for as long as I have been around Sam have left town and headed south. Students need to realize that Huntsville is a college town. As Sam continues to grow, students can help shape the culture of college life in Huntsville. The town itself is also growing and will continue to grow, making for even more possibilities.

I hope you see the potential for creating a fun college environment and have a great college experience. Don't forget to go to one of the many events planned in the coming weeks.